• Using the latest technology, Star Ark provides a new online interactive bilingual platform to nurture outstanding children. Its product development is based on extensive research with proven methodology. Star Ark also incorporates character education into their program to help build good character and create well rounded learners. Star Ark is a holistic bilingual education program that parents can rely on to help their children acquire new knowledge and vocabulary. With a good linguistic foundation, children are well prepared for global communication and mastery of all disciplines.

    • Star Ark Bilingual Methodology


      Star Ark adopts proven methodology based on child language development research.
      The program has 4 key success pillars:

      1. Learning language through original Star Ark Songs based on the principles of Repetition, Movement, Rhythm, Lyics and Rhyming
      2. Interactive animation online program
      3. Milestone assessment with rewards
      4. Facilitates parents and child learning the language together

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    • Founder

      1 annie moe

      The Star Ark Founder Ms Annie Lim has more than 20 years of experience in the education and media industry. She is an actress, but she is foremost an educator. Her bilingual education has great influence in the schools in Singapore and China. In China, she served as a consultant for Eton International Beijing School and as an instructor for the China National Assembly of English Teachers. In 2006, she was recognised for two songs she composed for Olympic Beijing…

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    • Events and Workshop


      Beyond the regular schooling activities, there are many interesting activities that you can take your kids to. Join our child performance and theatre training to bring out the performance talents in your child or simply to have fun!
      Star Ark partners with selected local child education centres with personal coaching from Ms Annie Lim, the founder of Star Ark International Pte Ltd.

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    • Bilingual English Chinese Programme

      1 NETWORK-small

      Star Ark Education system comprises of both online e-learning and classroom lessons. It is designed for children of 3-12 years old. You can purchase our software, so that your children can learn Chinese, English, or both of the languages online; Alternatively, you can also bring your children to our Star Ark Center for classroom lessons.

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    • Little Star Performance


      On Stage with Ms Annie Lim…

      Would your child like to share the stage with Mediacorp artist cum bilingual expert teacher, Ms Annie Lim?
      If your child love singing or dancing, we want to talk to you!
      We organise stage performance for little stars in June and December month. Members are invited to participate.
      Our expert singing and performance coach Ms Annie Lim will personally teach your child.
      Through singing and performing children learn that music expresses their feelings and ideas. Limited seats! Sign up early!

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    • Resources: Songs


      Children love music and singing. There is something magical about words being set to a melody that make children perk up and join in. Since most children’s songs consist of catchy beats and poetry-infused lyrics, it is a perfect combination of rhythm, rhyme and fun.

      An added benefit to children’s songs is that they are often easy to learn. The short, repetitive sentences lend themselves to easy memorization and retention. What better way to learn words in context than to sing them out loud? Children don’t even realize how much their language skills are improving while joining in the singing fun.

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  • Chinese for Kids Bilingual Tips

    • learning-chinese-at-home

      Classroom Learning VS Online Learning of Mandarin

      Enters the lifesaver- interactive Chinese E-learning! And here are some good, solid reasons why your entire family and not just your kids should sign up for it... Chinese interactive E-Learning for kids saves you time and money because it saves you the trouble of getting them to and from classes. And less time commuting means more time spent learning Mandarin whenever, wherever. So it doesn't mat…

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    • easy chinese for kids program

      Easy Chinese for kids bilingual program

      Are there really ways to make learning Chinese less stressful and easy? Yes, start by giving them the right tools! Use technology to its full potential, as this can help in increasing the levels of linguistic competencies. One good example is StarArk100.com, a Chinese for kids online bilingual program especially designed to meet your children’s needs and help them adapt through various phases of…

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    • learning-chinese-through-songs

      Online Bilingual Program Parents Love and Kids Enjoy

      Online bilingual programs that you can learn along with your children makes it fun and enjoyable. The Bubble Programme is designed for children 6 years old and below and beginners in Chinese. You can learn Chinese through songs and because it's paired with engaging animation and play-based platform to capture children's attention, it's sure to give your kid a good head-start for school and in the …

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